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Melodies and Rhythms of Arabic Music (1981) CD


Price: $17.99
Item Number: F-8451
Country or Region: Middle East Spec. Coll.
Catalog No: F-8451
"This item is part of the Folkways (Cook, or Paredon, or Monitor) archives. The original liner notes from the LP are included."

     101      Traditional Taqsim on the Qanoun      n/a      5:24     
     102     Taqsim on the 'Oud-Andalusian Style     n/a     7:07    
     103     Taqsim on the Nay     n/a     3:13    
     104     Taqsim on the Buzq     n/a     4:13    
     105     Ensemble and Percussion - Inter Between the Instruments     n/a     6:46    
     106     Percussion on the Rig of some popular rhythmical modes     n/a     1:01    
     107     The Mizmar leading the ensemble in a group of folk tunes     n/a     0:40    
     108     Folk Tunes of Lebanon - Ensemble Ala Dalona, Layya, Ya Ghzayyd     n/a     8:01    
     201     Taqsim on the Qanoun     n/a     4:58    
     202     Taqism on the 'Oud     n/a     6:09    
     203     Lebanese Melodies on the Nay     n/a     5:06    
     204     Melodies without words ed by the Mizmar and Nay with preambles by the Buzq, Qanoun an 'Oud     n/a     3:04    
     205     Percussion solos on the tablah     n/a     6:07    
     206     The Mizmar leading the Ensemble in a group of folk tunes     n/a     3:35    

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