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Music of the Orient Japan, China, Bali, Siam, Persia, India, Tunis, Egypt (1979) 2 CD set


Price: $34.99
Item Number: F-4157
Country or Region: East Asia Spec. Coll.
Catalog No: F-4157
Collected by Dr. E.M. von Hornbostel.
"This item is part of the Folkways (Cook, or Paredon, or Monitor) archives. The original liner notes from the LP are included."

     101      Naga-uta: Urashima      Female singer      3:17     
     102     Ha-uta: Umenimo haru     Japanese female singer and two guitars     3:11    
     103     Shinnai: Sekitori senryōnobori     Naga-uta singers, guitars and violin     3:08    
     104     Matsumae oiwake     Oiwake singer and flute     3:02    
     105     Classical Drama, Kun ch'ü: P'i-p'a-chi     Male singers     3:24    
     106     Modern Drama: Pang-tsě: Nan-tien-mên     Male singers     3:09    
     201     Modern Drama: Pang-tse: Nan-tien-men     Female singers     2:39    
     202     Sundanese Song: Udan mas - Gold Rain     Female singer     2:55    
     203     Gamelan slendro: Sekar gadung     Female singer     2:52    
     204     Gamelan pelog: Kinanti madumurti     Female and male singers     2:55    
     205     Gendèr wajang: Seléndero     Small orchestra from Bali     3:11    
     206     Gamelan anklung: Berong pengètjèt     Gamelan Amklung ensemble     3:04    
     301     Gamelan djogèd: Tjetjing kereman     Gamelan Djogèd orchestra and female dancers     3:08    
     302     Djangèr: Putih putih saput anduk     Male and female singers     2:45    
     303     Gamelan Gong: Lagu kebiar     Gamelan Gong     2:59    
     304     Musical Drama: Scene from the Rama Legend     Female singer     2:55    
     305     Art Song from Meerut: Raga bhairavī     Female singer     3:07    
     306     Art Song from Jummoo: Rāga bilāval (?)     Female singer     3:26    
     401     Popular Song     Male singer     3:40    
     402     Art Song: Maqām sika     Male singer     3:22    
     403     Bäschrav: Kuzum: Maqām hijaz     Egyptian musicians ing zither, violin and long flute     3:52    
     404     Bäschrav: Kuzum: Maqām hijaz     Egyptian musicians ing zither, violin and long flute     3:34    
     405     Art Song: Maqām mezmūm     Epytian vocalist, long-flute, box-zither and short lute     2:52    
     406     Song of the Dervishes: Maqām ḏil     Male singers     2:55

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