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Egypt: Echoes of the Nile MCM-3005

Egypt: Echoes of the Nile MCM-3005

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Using the Nile as a guide, this recording begins in Cairo with examples of Coptic and Islamic religious ceremonies, featuring choral song, and moves on to modern and classical Arab music. It ends in the Upper Nile region where the field recordist captures the rhythmic patterns and folk songs of the Nubian people with six selections featuring the Nubian's highly expressive vocal style, the tamburah (five-stringed lyre) and numerous drums. 16 tracks. 61 minutes. Recorded by Nubuo Mizuno.

"Egypt: Echoes of the Nile...illustrates another feature of field recordings: the ability to drop you into another reality." - Robert Ambrose, The Beat

Listen to Samples

Bell Announcing Sunday Morning Mass

Paean from Mass for Day of Fasting

Sample Performances of Small Cymbals

Church Bell and Coptic Bible Recitation

Coptic Wedding Reception: Song and Dance

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