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Hungary/Romania: Descendants of the Itinerant Gypsies MCM-3010

Hungary/Romania: Descendants of the Itinerant Gypsies MCM-3010

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The folk songs captured in this recording serve as a direct expression of the fundamental emotions of traditional Gypsy life. From sadness, solitude, and loneliness to sheer delight and joie de vivre, the focus of the recordings lies in two distinct styles of song - the loki d'ili with its slow tempo and rhythmic flexibility and the khelimaski d'ili with its fast tempo and rhythmic precision. Together they highlight the widely expressive and improvisional choral style of the gypsies. 24 tracks. 70 minutes. Field recordists: Kazuyuki Tanimoto and Norio Inagaki.

"Many Americans have had an exposure to this kind of sinewy, slippery dance music because of Hungarian artists like Teka, Marta Sebestyen, or the Okros Ensemble, and as much as I enjoy these denizens of Budapest, they don't hold a candle to the power and grace of these Transylvanian Gypsies." - Kerry Blech, Victory Review

Listen to Samples

Khelimaski dyili

Meselaki dyili

Csardas (Dance for Couples)

Men's Dance

Flirtation Dance for Men and Women

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