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JVCVOL03 - East Asia III - China 1 - Vol 3

JVCVOL03 - East Asia III - China 1 - Vol 3


This video is part of the JVC Video Anthology of Music and Dance of the World.

China 1

Han people
3-1 Dizi - flute, with ensemble: "Gusuxing" ("Trip to Suzhou")
3-2 Pipa - lute solo: "Shimian maifu" ("Ambush on all sides")
3-3 Erhu - bowed fiddle with yangqin [zither]:"Erquan yingyue" ("The moon reflected in a spring")
3-4 Zheng - zither solo: "Yuzhou changwan" ("The fisherman singing in the evening")
3-5 Instrumental ensemble: "Chunjiang huayueye" ("A beautiful moonlit night by the river in springtime")
3-6 From liyuanxi - dramatic musical genre:"Paixiongwu" ("Beating the chest dance")
3-7 Instrumental ensemble: "Meihuacao" ("Plum blossoms")
3-8 Dongxlao - flute solo: "Huainian" ("Nostalgia")
3-9 From liyuanxi - dramatic musical genre: Colored ball dance
3-10 From jingju - Beijing opera: "Bawang bieji" ("The king's parting with his favorite")
3-11 From chuanju - Sichuan opera: "Baishezhuan" ("The white snake")

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