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The Jolly Boys: Roots of Reggae DOWNLOAD ONLY LAS-7314

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Part of the Lyrichord Archive Series - Rare Out-of-Print LP Re-Release on Digital Download Only from the Lyrichord vaults

Calypso and mento influences recorded in 1977 which were part of the coming wave of reggae music


Recorded at Salem, Jamaica in 1977 by Ken Bilby (except 'Thousands Of Children' and ' Build On The Rocks', which were recorded at Dynamic Studios in Kingston).
The Jolly Boys are the foremost performers of mento, the ribald, witty first cousin of Jamaican reggae. Like reggae, mento is marked by a shuffling, syncopated guitar strum, an irreverent attitude, and a lazy, swaying danceability. Unlike reggae, mento has no sacramental roots, nor does it strain after profundity. Instead, mento makes a religion of sexual braggadocio, drinking, and good times. The Jolly Boys have been composing and performing mentos for decades; indeed, they used to perform for Errol Flynn when he stayed at his Jamaican villa. Their sound is derived from rhythmic bongo playing, along with solos by the banjo and kalimba (finger piano). -- Leon Jackson

1. Linstead Market - 2:46
2. Oh Carolina - 2:53
3. Crackdown - 4:46
4. Sarah - 3:36
5. Fat Wife - 4:46
6. Water the Garden - 4:14
7. Pomp and Pride - 4:09
8. Joy Bells - 2:45
9. Build on the Rock - 2:54
10. Thousands of Children - 3:20
11. Beautiful Garden - 4:40


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