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"Recently I have been listening day and night to Jerry Willard's wonderful CD "The Baroque Guitar." I have to confess that until hearing Jerry's splendid recordings on his Patrick Caruso baroque guitar, modeled after the 16th century Portuguese luthier Belchior Diaz, I have not been a fan of the instrument.
With repertoire chosen from Sanz, Johann Anton Logy, Santiago de Murcia and Ludovico Roncalli, Mr. Willard plays with depth and charisma, and a masterly virtuosity that encompasses a wide gamut of baroque styles.
I highly recommend to all guitarists who are playing baroque music to check out this recording. It is a treasure, and will be listened to and studied for a long time to come!"
- Jeffrey Goodman (Jeffrey Goodman Music -

"Jerry Willard has a delightful selection of music for his baroque guitar by composers known to specialists, played with engaging flair and recorded with immediacy."
-Peter Grahame Woolf

"Willard's approach to this music is elegant and graceful...If you enjoy the subtle charms of the baroque guitar, this program is a delight."
American Record Guide, March, 2009

For master lutenist and guitarist Jerry Willard's third Lyrichord CD, he plays the seldom heard Baroque guitar, performing musical gems of the baroque era composed by four different masters: Gaspar Sanz, Santiago de Murcia, Johann Anton Logy and Ludovico Roncalli. The "Suite in A minor" by Johann Anton Logy, rarely heard on the Baroque guitar, is a transcription from the lute to the Baroque guitar by the composer himself. Topping off this recital, is Roncalli's "Passacaglia" - a piece made famous hundreds of years later in an orchestral arrangement by the Italian composer Ottorino Respighi in his "Ancient Dances and Airs for Lute Suites.


1. Clarines Y Trompetas - 1:43
2. Maricapalos - 3:51
3. La Cavalleria De Napoles Con Dos Clarines - 1:37
4. La Enfachata De Napoles - 1:14
5. English Gigue - 1:57
6. Espanoleta Otro - 2:36
7. Canarios in G, Canarios in A - 3:13
8. Folias Gallegas - 1:58
9. Gaitas - 2:47
10. Paspied Viejo, Paspied Nuebo - 2:55
11. Suite in E Minor: I. Allegro - 2:34
12. Suite in E Minor: II. Despacio - 1:28
13. Suite in E Minor: III. Giga - 1:56
14. Suite in D Minor: I. Prelude Por La E & Allegro - 2:11
15. Suite in D Minor: II. Zarabanda Despacio - 3:53
16. Suite in D Minor: III. Menuet - 1:58
17. Suite in D Minor: IV. Gigue - 1:57
18. Suite in A Minor: I. Aria & Capriccio - 3:02
19. Suite in A Minor: II. Allemande - 2:04
20. Suite in A Minor: III. Courante - :56
21. Suite in A Minor: IV. Sarabande - 2:35
22. Suite in A Minor: V. Gavotte - :57
23. Suite in A Minor: VI. Gigue - 1:16
24. Prelude - 1:32
25. Passacaglia - 4:15

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