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Layolle: Music of the Florentine Renaissance - Capella Cordina - <font color="bf0606"><i>DOWNLOAD ONLY</i></font> LEMS-8082

Layolle: Music of the Florentine Renaissance - Capella Cordina - DOWNLOAD ONLY LEMS-8082

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The enigmatic Florentine organist and composer Francesco de layolle (1492-1540) has remained one of the most shadowy figures among the early masters of the Italian madrigal, much of whose music was lost to history. We know that while still in Florence, he was for a time music teacher to sculptor Benvenuto Cellini. He is perhaps most noted for being among the first composers to blend the Franco-Flemish and Italian styles in polyphony.

In this Capella Cordina recording of his Missa Ces fascheuz sotz, and several motets, he is revealed as a composer of rare lyrical gifts and sensitivity. Dr. Planchart has researched early transcriptions of the Mass and the motets to create his own performance editions.

1 Ces fascheux sotx (Anonymous)    1:21
2 Missa “Ces fascheux sotz Kyrie     1:49
3 Missa “Ces fascheux sotz Gloria    3:25
4 Missa “Ces fascheux sotz Credo    5:45
5 Missa “Ces fascheux sotz Sanctus    3:37
6 Missa “Ces fascheux sotz Agnus Dei    1:52
7 Il vago e dolce sguardo    1:22
8 Lassar il velo    3:13   
9 Questo mostrarsi lieta    1:55
10 Dal bel suave raggio    1:31   
11 Ce me semblent    0:53
12 12: Doulce memoire    1:56         
13 Ave Maria    1:51
14 Ave virgo gratiosa, a 5    2:51
15 Ave virgo sanctissima, a 5    1:55
16 Noe, noe, noe    1:45

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