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Music of the English Renaissance - Capella Cordina - DOWNLOAD ONLY LEMS-8083

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The Capella Cordina, under the direction of Alejandro Planchart, perform the Missa Nobilis et Pulchra as well as chansons and motets by the 15th century British composer Walter Frye, with one his contemporaries, John Bedingham. Frye was evidently an extremely popular English composer during his lifetime but due largely to the wholesale ransacking of England's monasteries from 1536 and 1540 at the behest of Henry VIII, as is the case with many influential English composers of this period, very little of his work survives except in some collections on the continent. The Capella Cordina provide a rare, sumptuous and beautifully performed glimpse into the liturgical and secular music of 15th century England.

Missa Nobilis et Pulchra
1 Kyrie deus creator    5:12    
2 Gloria    5:42   
3 Credo    5:43   
4 Sanctus    5:30    
5 Agnus Dei (Conclusion of Mass)    4:49  

Motets ~ Chansons        
 6 Yo ys Emprentid    1:58   
7 Alas Alas    3:05    
8 Myn hertis lust (John Bedingham)    2:04    
9 Tout a par moy    5:28    
10 O florens rosa    3:02    
11 Ave regina    1:41    
12 Sospitati dedit    4:07  

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