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Papa Ladji Camara, a Malinke tribesman, has formed a diverse ensemble of musicians and singers from Mali, Gambia, Senegal and the U.S. Includes two duets with Salieu Suso, Mandinka Griot and balafon accompaniment. The stories in these songs are ones Ladji heard as a youth in the 20s, important tools of West African tribal culture. Descriptive song notes. 6 performances.

It was with sadness that we learned that Ladji Camara passed away in October of 2004 in Senegal. Ladji was an internationally acknowledged master of the Djembe, and did a great deal toward establishing West African cultural music and tradition as a powerful cultural force in the West. For this, his second Lyrichord recording, Ladji formed a unique ensemble of musicians and singers from his own country (Guinea), from Mali, Gambia, Senegal and the United States.
A kora duet with the great Mandinka Griot, Salieu Suso is featured, as well as the intricate balaphon stylings of Abdoulaye Epizo Bangoura and the arresting and traditional backup vocals are provided by two female Malinese singers, N'Mah Bangoura and Aiba Bangoura. In a moving and delicate moment, a gifted young American clarinetist, Tom Rossi, performs a haunting duet improvisation with Papa Ladji, entitled "Sansou Ba"; a love story-song between a man and a supernatural being. A lively and diverse collection of traditional story-songs and accompaniment by one of West Africa's greatest musical giants, that was recorded live in the studio during one momentous 14 hour nightime session in midtown New York.

1. Ladji Manama - 7:15
2. Djo Te Gbala - 6:42
3. Kele Magmy - 10:39
4. Couranko Sayon - 7:01
5. Daa Monson - 6:43
6. Touba Ka - 6:48
7. Sansou Ba - 8:28
8. Koumbe - 7:13


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