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FROM THE AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE "In his fascinating mini-opera, composer George Quincy has composed a hauntingly beautiful, sad piece. He has given full freedom to his lyricism, which he believes is deeply rooted in his Choctaw (Oklahoma) heritage combined with his analytic talent in his Caucasian western education (Juilliard School of Music). And he has succeeded marvelously. In Part 1, King James I and a Lady of the Court await the much anticipated arrival of Lady Rebecca Roife. An entertainment by Ben Jonson is scheduled to follow. In Part 2, Lady Roife confronts the English king and his court, though she is fatally ill. The King and Lady Roife agree that they both want to make the world a better place.
The two sections are interrupted at the midpoint by the insertion of Quincy's orchestral fantasy, Choctaw Diaries. These four beautiful pieces are dominated by the mysterious, haunting beauty of the native flute, played with superb skill by Timothy Archambault. The Bronx Arts Ensemble—a few strings, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, and percussion—plays with radiant beauty. The interruption works well as a premonition of the Lady soon to appear and as a reminiscence of her longing for her native land.
Pocahontas the accompaniment is of great delicacy, with the Queen's Chamber Band, the five strings, flute, oboe, oboe d'amore, lute, and rain stick, with the harpsichord showering bright sparkling drops while evoking the era of the court."
PARSONS - American Record Guide, 11.08

Featuring Roberta Gumbel, soprano and Marshall Coid, countertenor.
and the Queens Chamber Band.

Quincy and Burch's riveting Opera (or as the composer calls it, "a musical dialogue in two parts") stunningly recounts the astonishing later life of the princess politician, Pocahontas.
From a tribe of the Powhatan Alliance, Pocahontas captivated English settlers at Jamestown, and began to learn English from John Smith. In 1616 she was presented at the court of King James I of England as the charming, Christianized, well-spoken Lady Rebecca Rolfe, the Princess from the Kingdom of Virginia. Before she could return to her beloved Virginia, Pocahontas fell gravely ill and died in England in March 1617, at age 21. The complete Pocahontas at the Court of James I, was premiered at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian. by the Queen's Chamber Band in November 2007, to great critical acclaim. This Lyrichord CD is the premiere recording of the work.

Music by George Quincy,
Featuring Timothy Archambault and the Bronx Arts Ensemble,

A sumptuous instrumental work by Quincy, the Choctaw Diaries evokes a Native American landscape of spirit, the dawn of a day from another time, meshing with Quincy's own Oklahoma childhood recollections of the prairie, the canyon, the expanse of sky. The voice of the Native Flute calls for these experiences to be eternal, while the strings, reeds and percussion vividly portray the natural surroundings.

Composer George Quincy, winner of ASCAP Awards for 11 straight years - 1997 through 2007 and recipient of numerous Meet the Composer awards.
Quincy, born and raised in Oklahoma of Choctaw heritage, was Musical Advisor to Martha Graham, and went on to compose, orchestrate and conduct music for Theatre, Dance, Film, Opera, Television and Concert. Mr. Quincy's music has been performed extensively on the East Coast, in Europe and across the country. In New York, his music has been heard in theaters and universities, and from the flight deck of Intrepid Museum to the stages of both Alice Tully and Carnegie Halls.

What the critics have said about composer George Quincy:

“Quincy could set the prose of the tax code compellingly--his music grabs you by the lapels and shakes you to attention--” Village Voice

“Quincy has created the score with ravishing dividends--” NY Times

“..delightful inventive music.” -Newsweek

“thanks to the striking music of George Quincy--” -NY Post

“He is an original--” NY Times

“Quincy has created the score with ravishing dividends--” NY Times

“Passionate Extremes can hold its own with the best of the comic repertoire!”
-NY Post

“The music has moments of great passion and charm. An evening of extraordinary dimension”
John Simon New York Magazine

“Dazzling music—“ Anna Kisselgoff— NY Times

Pocahontas (PART I)
The Queen's Chamber Band
Elaine Comparone, harpsichord & artistic director
1 Opening (2:21)
2 “Your Majesty” (2:53)
3 “That putrid tobacco” (2:05)
4 “Who is her husband?” (1:42)
5 “You have heard much” (4:33)

Choctaw Diaries
The Bronx Arts Ensemble
William Scribner, artistic director
6 Awakening to Spirit (5:24)
7 That We May Touch the Earth (3:41)
8 Beauty Comes to the Eye (6:23)
9 Journey to my Truth (6:22)

Pocahontas (PART II)
The Queen's Chamber Band
10 “Lady Rebecca, again we meet” (2:45)
11 “I trust you enjoyed” (5:42)
12 “When I close my eyes” (2:30)
13 “Lady Rebecca!” (2:00)
14 “Savage Princess!” (2:33)

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