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About Multicultural Media

About Multicultural Media

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The seed for the idea of Multicultural Media was first planted in 1989 when Stephen McArthur was working for Rounder Records and was asked to coordinate the production of the English-language version of the JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance. This project eventually led him to coordinate the distribution by Rounder of the entire Smithsonian Folkways label and the Folkways, Monitor, Cook and Paredon titles. 

When McArthur went to work for himself as a producer and distributor of independent world music in 1993, he named it Multicultural Media. This new company had, in fact, taken over worldwide exclusive distribution of the JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance, and it was out of this effort that Multicultural Media (MCM) was born.  Not long after MCM started, JVC approached the new company to co-produce three new video supplemental collections for the Americas, Africa, and Europe to strengthen the original 30-volume World Anthology, again in collaboration with Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.

Initially, Multicultural Media also published a small catalog of titles that it offered to schools, libraries and colleges. This eventually expanded to thousands of titles and, in 1995, Multicultural Media launched which has become popular with schools, libraries, colleges, as well as ethnomusicologists, anthropologists, folklorists, music librarians, dance ethnologists, students, and world music fans.

Over the years, Multicultural Media has developed its own proprietary compact disc labels, video and DVD series, all of which can be found on the red tabs along the top of this page. In recent years, we are particularly happy to be working in collaboration with the historic and well-regarded Lyrichord Discs in New York City, collaborating on projects like the Lyrichord Archive Series and the Lyrichord DVD series.

Contact Multicultural Media at support <at> worldmusicstore <dot> com