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Calypsos: Afro-Limonese Music from Costa Rica CD

Calypsos: Afro-Limonese Music from Costa Rica CD

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Recorded in Puerto Limon, a relatively isolated region influenced by Africans who have lived here since the 1700s. This recording offers a rare and unvarnished look at the essence of the remarkable music of their carnival festivals. Extensive background notes, descriptions and photographs. 13 performances.

Some of the richest and most diverse of all Afro-Caribbean cultures can be found in the Limon province of Costa Rica. The region's relative isolation, coupled with a large infusion of African labor since in the seventeenth century, have created a cultural hot-bed that finds it's voice in the calypso, perhaps the most unique blend of musical expression, social communication and commentary ever invented. These songs were recorded in Puerto Limon during their carnival festivals and offer a rare and unvarnished look at the essence of this remarkable music. Comes complete with extensive booklet of notes and photographs.

1. Primer Ritmo de Comparsa - 3:59
2. Day by Day - 2:55
3. Trembling - 2:57
4. Calaloo - 3:12
5. Doctor Bombodee - 5:52
6. Carnival Day - 2:49
7. Yuca and Plantin - 1:14
8. My Teacher Never Like Me - 2:37
9. Mother's Love - 2:23
10. Back to My Country - 2:29
11. G.O.O.D. - 2:17
12. Monilia - 2:48
13. Calaloo - 2:53


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