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Bali: Balinese Music of Lombok CD

Bali: Balinese Music of Lombok CD

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Easily overlooked for its tourist-destination neighbor, the Indonesian island of Lombok lies about twenty miles east of Bali. Hindu Balinese make up a very small minority population in Lombok, with cultural expressions that have greatly diverged from those in Bali. The music preserves some elements of ancient Balinese traditions and religion but also incorporates influences from the Lombok Islamic majority.

This album focuses on the religious and ceremonial context of the songs, illustrated through use of the gamelan, an ensemble with bronze percussion, flute, and hand drums. Some selections include voice, combining languages of Java, Bali, and the Sasak majority ethnic group in Lombok and solo performances, such as the preret double-reed oboe. The liner notes provide a brief introduction to the music and commentary about each selection on the recording.

Track listing:

1. Tabuh Empat (Four Strokes) - 16:56
2. Wau Rauh (Just Arrived) - 3:05
3. Adine Wau Rauh (Sibling Just Arrived) - 2:20
4. Rangsang (Exciting) - 3:45
5. Telaga Dundan (Early Pond) - 8:55
6. Perong Barong (Leaning Lord of the Forest) - 13:16
7. Guak Maling Taloh (Crow Steals Egg) - 3:40
8. Turun Daun (Slowly Descend) - 2:33
9. Pemungkah (Opening) - 6:22

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