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Bread and Raises: Songs for Working Women CD

Bread and Raises: Songs for Working Women CD

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Bobbie McGee 

I’m "ninety pounds of fire in a five-foot frame and you’d better move on over" because I’m tired of working for "59 cents for every man’s dollar!" Bobbie McGee means business, literally, in this album dedicated to the working woman. Singing the songs of Si Khan, Willie Sordill, Jane Levine and others, McGee proves that women are a force to be reckoned with and deserve their bread, roses and raises too.

101 Fifty-Nine Cents Bobbie McGee 2:28
102 Bread and Roses Bobbie McGee 2:22
103 Nine to Five Bobbie McGee 2:34
104 The Death of Mother Jones Bobbie McGee 2:29
105 Ballad of a Working Mother Bobbie McGee 3:23
106 I Am a Union Woman Bobbie McGee 2:25
107 Tip Your Waitress Bobbie McGee 2:35
108 Union Maid Bobbie McGee 2:14
109 The Bosses Lament Bobbie McGee 2:46
110 I'm Gonna Be an Engineer Bobbie McGee 5:09
111 The Factory Girl Bobbie McGee 1:57
112 Truck Driving Woman Bobbie McGee 2:46
113 Solidarity Forever Bobbie McGee 1:57

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