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The Japanese Koto (1955)  Shinchi Yuize CD

The Japanese Koto (1955) Shinchi Yuize CD

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"This item is part of the Cook archives.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

Koto virtuoso Shinichi Yuize performs imperial court music dating as far back as the early 16th Century in addition to his own contemporary compositions. Koto is a traditional Japanese stringed musical instrument little changed from the 7th century, when its forerunner was imported from China.

1. Dance Suite: Shuttlecock, Lantern Parade, Ainu Children's Dance - 8:08    
2. Three Etudes: Woodpecker, Murmuring Water, Blacksmith - 5:42    
3. Theme and Variations: The Prince and the Ugly Maiden - 7:15    
4. Rokudan: 16th Century Kengyo Yatsuhashi - 5:41    
5. Yu Gao: 17th Century Kengyo Yaezaki - 8:28    
6. Chi Dori: 18th Century Kengyo Yoshizawa - 10:54    

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