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Black Music of Two Worlds (1977)  2 CD set

Black Music of Two Worlds (1977) 2 CD set

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"This item is part of the Cook archives.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

The subject of this album is the meeting of three musical traditions African, Arab, and European to create a fourth tradition of great richness and international impact, that of the Black New World. It is hardly surprising that Afro-American music is so rich. It draws form three major European sources -- English, French, and Iberian (Spanish and Portuguese) as well as several western African traditions
John Storm Roberts

101 Xylophone-Bapende of Zaire
102 Marimba from Columbia
103 Let 'Em Jump -- Pete Johnson
104 Akonoday
105 Call to Prayer - Muslim
106 Mende Muslim Song - Sierra Leone
107 Song from Malaga - Spain
201 Black Woman -- Vera Hall
202 Kpelle Brush - cutters - Liberia
203 Imo Gal
204 Let Your Hammer Ring
205 Los Congos de Villa Mella - criollo
206 Palomita Nueva
301 Drum and Fife Quadrille - West Indies
302 Wheel and Turn
303 De La Suarez - Carribean
304 War -- (Sir Lancelot, Executor. Caresser, Atilla, Lion) Atilla the Hun, Sir Lancelot, Executor. Caresser, Lion
305 Fire Brigade -- Atilla the Hun
401 Ezulie
402 Rour des Cayes -- Fabre Duroseau
403 Mazurca
404 Sutileza -- The Septeto National
405 How Long Blues -- Jimmy Yancey
501 Revival Zion- How Sweet the Name
502 Revival Zion- I Got a Lighthouse
503 Roll Jordan Roll -- The Fisk Jubilee Singers
504 He's a Friend of Mine -- The Spirit of Memphis
505 Frankie and Johnny -- Mississippi John Hurt
601 Dust My Broom -- Robert Johnson
602 Leave My Love Alone -- Coleman Hawkins
603 Vijana Niwambie -- Osale Williamu
604 Kenyatta Aliteswa Sana -- John Mwale
605 Maboke Nde Temoin -- Bholen, Orch

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