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Blind Troubador of Oaxaca, Mexico (1956)  Alonzo Cruz CD

Blind Troubador of Oaxaca, Mexico (1956) Alonzo Cruz CD

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"This item is part of the Cook archives.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

He is somewhat of an enigma to the Oaxacans. Senor Cruz apparently sings for pleasure rather than for profit. Once a week he comes to the portales or sidewalk cafe that borders the city square and sings his songs for his many local friends. The occasional peso he charges is less than the usual fee of the mariachi, the street musicians of Mexico and would hardly keep him in guitar strings

101 Doce Cascabeles
102 Small Girl Full of Pride
103 Pretty Bird, Do Me a Favor
104 Far from My Land of Sunshine
105 From Her Window She Bids My Sing
106 Again to Have Your Kisses
107 Bright Morning Star
201 Who Will it it Be Who Will Love Me
202 Susanna is Pretty
203 Green Eyes
204 The Girls in San Marcos are Brown and Darling
205 Bewitching Rose
206 La Llorona

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