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Down at the Union Hall CD

Down at the Union Hall CD

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Kenny Winfree 

Joe Glazer said of Kenny Winfree: "[He’s] got a talent that looks easy but few folks can do it. He has [a] knack for writing catchy, moving songs with a message—songs that are easy to sing and easy to remember." These kind words ring true of Winfree’s first album, Down at the Union Hall, a collection of captivating union songs.

101 Down At The Union Hall Kenny Winfree 2:34
102 Snake Oil Kenny Winfree 3:01
103 Ain't Got Nowhere To Go Kenny Winfree 1:56
104 Number Twenty-One Mine Kenny Winfree 2:22
105 Furniture Workers - USA Kenny Winfree 2:01
106 Cotton Mill Dreams Kenny Winfree 2:18
107 I'm A Union Card Kenny Winfree 2:26
108 I Spell Relief U-N-I-O-N Kenny Winfree 2:13
109 Long Live The I.A.M. Kenny Winfree 2:09
110 Right-To-Work-Lie Kenny Winfree 2:53
111 Middle Tennessee Chapter Of Cluw Kenny Winfree 1:50
112 I Saw The Light Kenny Winfree 2:08

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