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JVC East Asia Music and Dance Regional Set -- 5 DVDs and 1 CD-ROM with 9 printable, searchable and copy-permission books-- REDUCED PRICE

JVC East Asia Music and Dance Regional Set -- 5 DVDs and 1 CD-ROM with 9 printable, searchable and copy-permission books-- REDUCED PRICE

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This 5 DVD/1 CD-ROM with 9 printable, searchable and copy-permission books set illustrates 57 music and dance performances from Korea (Vols 1-2) and the Peoples Republic of China (Vols 3-5). 
Korean videos include court music, drum dance, dance to exorcise evil spirits, cymbal dance, zither and flute solos, masked dance-drama, Buddhist chant performed with butterfly dance. Plus folk purification dance, shaman ritual, puppet play, tightrope walking, and farmer's band. 
Chinese videos include flute ensemble, lute solo, bowed fiddle with zither, colored ball dance, Beijing opera, Sichuan opera, group dances, mountain songs, narrative songs, sword dances, reed mouth organ and dances, masked dance-drama, threshing song and lullaby, dance with dutar, daf, classical music, instrumental music and circle dances. Also songs in free rhythm and throat singing from Mongolia. Described and put in historical, geographical and cultural context in 140-page accompanying book on CD-ROM.  
Korea 1
1-1 Hyangak - court music: "P'yojongmanbang-jigok"
1-2 ChongJae: mugoch'um - drum dance
1-3 Salp'uri - dance to exorcise evil spirits (from folk tradition)
1-4 Chakpop: Parach'um - cymbal dance
1-5 Kayagum pyongch'ang - song with kayagum [zither]: "Sae-t'aryong" ("Song of the birds")
1-6 Chongak: taegum [flute solo: "Sangyongsan" from "P'yongjo hoesang"
1-7 T'alch'um - masked dance-drama from tbe Pongsan region
1-8 Pomp'ae - Buddhist chant: "Toryanggye" performed with Nabich'um - butterfly dance
Korea 2
2-1 Sungmu - dance for purification (from folk tradition)
2-2 Chakpop: Parach'um - cymbal dance
2-3 Kop'uri - stage dance derived from shaman ritual (from folk tradition)
2-4 Salp'uri - dance to exercise evil spirits (from folk tradition)
2-5 P'ansori - sung narrative with drum: "Hungboga"
2-6 Koktukaksi-norum - puppet play
2-7 Chul-t'agi - tightrope walking
2-8 Nongak - farmer's hand
2-9 Mudang kut - shaman ritual
China 1
Han people
3-1 Dizi - flute, with ensemble: "Gusuxing" ("Trip to Suzhou")
3-2 Pipa - lute solo: "Shimian maifu" ("Ambush on all sides")
3-3 Erhu - bowed fiddle with yangqin [zither]:"Erquan yingyue" ("The moon reflected in a spring")
3-4 Zheng - zither solo: "Yuzhou changwan" ("The fisherman singing in the evening")
3-5 Instrumental ensemble: "Chunjiang huayueye" ("A beautiful moonlit night by the river in springtime")
3-6 From liyuanxi - dramatic musical genre:"Paixiongwu" ("Beating the chest dance")
3-7 Instrumental ensemble: "Meihuacao" ("Plum blossoms")
3-8 Dongxlao - flute solo: "Huainian" ("Nostalgia")
3-9 From liyuanxi - dramatic musical genre: Colored ball dance
3-10 From jingju - Beijing opera: "Bawang bieji" ("The king's parting with his favorite")
3-11 From chuanju - Sichuan opera: "Baishezhuan" ("The white snake")
China 2
Yunnan Province
Yi people
4-1 Dage - group dance
4-2 Dage - group dance: "Xianzige"
4-3 Shange - mountain song
4-4 Shange - mountain song
4-5 Narrative song: "Kaitian pidi" ("The origin of heaven and earth")
4-6 Sword dance: "Eruyeba shuadao"
4-7 Dage - group dance
Naxi people
4-8 Datiao - group dance ("Beat leap")
4-9 Lushengtiao - group dance ("Reed mouth organ leap")
4-10 Dance with song and lusheng [reed mouth organ]: "Amengda"
4-11 Dance with song: "Orere"
4-12 Circle dance with song: "Alili"
4-13 Gugi - lyric song: "Ximasha"
4-14 Lusheng [reed mouth organ], flute, and kouxian [jew's harp]
4-15 Masked dance-drama: "Rgya-lu Rngon-pa" and dance of battle
China 3
Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
5-1/2 Threshing song and lullaby
5-3 Mashrap - circle dance
5-4 Dance from Kucha
5-5 Song with dutar [lute] and daf [tambourine]: "A woman as beautiful as the moon"
5-6 Panjgah-mukam - classical music: "Sambang" - opening song
5-7 Group dance: "The joy of the farmers"
5-8 Dance solo: "Pomegranate garden"
5-9 Doppasorman - group dance
5-10 Mukam - instrumental music
5-11 Mashrap - circle dance Mongolia
5-12 Urtiin duu - song in free rhythm: "Uyaxan ambuu tiviin naran" ("The beautiful sun of the universe")
5-13 Urtiin duu - song in free rhythm: "Ulemdziin canar" ("Ulemdziin's traits")
5-14 Xoomij - throat singing: "Tsombon tuuraitai xuren" ("The chestnut horse with round hooves") and "Xanin dzoroo mori" ("The dzoroo horse that walks with small steps like a sheep")

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