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The Music of New Orleans, Vol. 4  The Birth of Jazz (1959)  CD

The Music of New Orleans, Vol. 4 The Birth of Jazz (1959) CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways archives.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

This compilation remembers the early days of jazz, when Buddy Bolden's band started playing its iconoclastic arrangements of new songs. Recorded interviews join instrumental rags and cabaret music in this sonic snapshot of New Orleans history.

1. Bucket's Got a Hole In It     Louis Keppard     4:41    
2. Buddy Bolden     Charlie Love     7:06    
3. Buddy Bolden     Harrison Barnes     4:29    
4. Maple Leaf Rag     Charlie Love, Emile Barnes, and Billy Huntington     5:22    
5. Red Rose Rag     H.J. Boiusseau     1:34    
6. Tom Anderson's / Blue Bells Goodbye (medley)     H.J. Boiusseau     3:06    
7. Storyville     H.J. Boiusseau     2:44    
8. Take Your Big Leg Off Me     H.J. Boiusseau     2:29    
9. The Grunewald Burlesque / The Girl in the Purple Veil (medley)     H.J. Boiusseau     4:11    
10. Milneburg / Irish Channel / Hernshine Canaries (medley)     H.J. Boiusseau     3:56    
11. Too Much Mustard     H.J. Boiusseau     1:54

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