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The Orangemen of Ulster (1961)  CD

The Orangemen of Ulster (1961) CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways archives.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

Collected in County Down in 1960, these field recordings present the songs, processional music, and of course, the lambeg drum beats characteristic of Northern Irelands Protestant population. Samuel Charters extensive notes provide ethnographic accounts of the aesthetics of lambeg drumming, although they avoid much discussion of the drums inescapable political context.

1. Drummers' Preparations and the Lambeg Drums     The Orangemen of Ulster     1:10    
2. Portadown     Sam Allen     4:07    
3. Drummers of County Antrim     The Orangemen of Ulster     0:31    
4. Cromie's Buck     David Harper     3:00    
5. Drummers of County Down     The Orangemen of Ulster     0:43    
6. King Billy at the Boyne     Sam Allen     4:11    
7. Beggar Drum - Beggar Drum - Orange Procession     Joseph Orr, fife; William Quail, "rattlies" or snare drum; Alec Turkington and Tony Anderson, lambeg     3:00    
8. The Drum Ballymagarrett - Late Brother David Kirk - Gone But Not Forgotten     The Orangemen of Ulster     0:47    
9. The Buck Around the World     David Harper     1:42    
10. Crumlin Hotel     Ernie Curran     1:56    
11. Orange Procession,An - Easter Saturday     The Orangemen of Ulster     4:25    
12. Glover Hill     Joe Downs     3:33    
13. The Sash My Father Wore     Joe Ulm and Pub Group     3:59

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