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Winners and Losers: Campaign Songs from the Critical Elections in American History, Vol. 1

Winners and Losers: Campaign Songs from the Critical Elections in American History, Vol. 1

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This album features campaign songs and slogans from U.S. presidential campaigns between 1800 and 1876. Listeners will recognize some familiar tunes like "Yankee Doodle" and "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too," but the album includes many less familiar songs as well, such as "People's Nominee" about the election of Abraham Lincoln. High school teacher and folk singer Peter Janovsky performs all the songs on this collection. His 24-pages of liner notes are worth the entire price of the CD! The notes provide extensive historical information on the elections during this formative period in American history as well as song lyrics.

101 Overture and Yankee Doodle for Adams Peter Janovsky 2:57
102 American Liberty (The Sovereign Right of Thinking) Peter Janovsky 1:58
103 Jefferson and Liberty Peter Janovsky 3:05
104 Jackson- The Hunters of Kentucky Peter Janovsky 1:22
105 Jackson and the Militiamen Peter Janovsky 2:26
106 Jackson- Johnny Q. My Jo John Peter Janovsky 1:37
107 Tip and Ty Peter Janovsky 1:35
108 Ye True Hearted Whigs of the Union (Henry Clay) Peter Janovsky 1:55
109 Clay and Freilinghuysen (Henry Clay) Peter Janovsky 2:30
110 Young Hickory Peter Janovsky 1:22
111 Goodbye Harry Peter Janovsky 2:10
201 Slavery is a Hard Foe to Battle Peter Janovsky 2:42
202 Blow Ye Winds in the Morning (John Bell) Peter Janovsky 1:17
203 Old Uncle Abe (Stephen Douglas) Peter Janovsky 2:25
204 Breckenridge and Lane (John Breckenridge) Peter Janovsky 2:08
205 People's Nominee Peter Janovsky 2:27
206 The People Had Five Candidates Peter Janovsky 1:48
207 Oh I'm a Good Old Rebel Peter Janovsky 1:04
208 Let No Guilty Man Escape (Samuel Tilden) Peter Janovsky 1:55
209 Marseillaise for Tilden (Samuel Tilden) Peter Janovsky 1:09
210 The Bloody Hand of Treason Peter Janovsky 2:37
211 Our Country Must Be Free Peter Janovsky 2:58

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