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F. D. Kirkpatrick Hosts the Louisiana Folk Fest

F. D. Kirkpatrick Hosts the Louisiana Folk Fest

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Various Artists

The Louisiana Folk Fest was conceived and hosted by Reverend Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick (1933–1986), a Baptist minister, civil rights leader, and performer. The festival and this live recording reflect Kirkpatrick’s life and his causes, including the preservation of music and crafts for future generations. A veritable family affair, the album features gospel songs and spirituals performed by Kirkpatrick’s friends, colleagues, parents, and children. Liner notes include a brief biography of Kirkpatrick and candid photographs documenting the festival.

This is Kirkpatrick’s second recording for Folkways Records; he worked with Pete Seeger and Jeanne Humphries on the 1972 recording Ballads of Black America. 

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