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Tribal Music of India  The Muria and Maria Gonds of Madhya Pradesh (1983) CD

Tribal Music of India The Muria and Maria Gonds of Madhya Pradesh (1983) CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways archives.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

A buffalo-horn trumpet, the hakum, announces the joyful harvest festival and varying types of drums called mandri, kotoloka and kundir take over. A group of women chant antiphonally in leadership of the wedding festivities. Men dance on stilts, creating an intoxicating rhythm that is guided by drums. This is a snapshot of the musical practices found within the Bastar district of India, a region mostly comprised of tribal groups including the Muria and the Gonds.

1. Karsar - Clan God Festival Music     Female and male singers     7:24    
2. Marmi Pata - Wedding Song     Female singers     3:58    
3. Dito Endana - Stilt Dance     Garhbangal ghotul dancers, drummers     3:23    
4. Karsana Pata: Dippara Loporo - Recreational Song: In the Small Forest     Female and male singers     4:33    
5. Kach Tehendor - Iron Jaw's Harp     Remawand ghotul musicians     1:43    
6. Ghotul Pata - Tokaring Warawarang - Wagging Loincloth: A Taunting Song     Male singers     2:06    
1. Forest Birds     n/a     3:15    
2. Geri Endana - Dito Endana     Female singers     4:47    
3. Hulki - Song for Lingo Pen, Founder of the Ghotul     Female and male singers     3:28    
4. Chandu Binu - Kola Endana - Dandar Endana - Stick Dance     Female and male singers     2:55    
5. Sulur - Flute Duo: Pargao Par, Anga Karsana Par     Garhbangal musicians     2:24    
6. Dandami Maria Song     Borokameli musicians     1:35    
7. Hill Maria Dance     Lanka male musicians     1:57    
8. Hill Maria Song     Female singers     1:15    
9. Hill Maria Dance     Dondimarka male musicians     2:05

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