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Hassidic Tunes of Dancing and Rejoicing (1978)  CD

Hassidic Tunes of Dancing and Rejoicing (1978) CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways (Cook, or Paredon, or Monitor) archives. The original liner notes from the LP are included."

101     Walenstein's Niggun, Hora      Moshe "Musa" Berlin, Binyamin Barzevsky, and Avraham Segal      4:52                                                      
102     String of Meron Tunes: Vocal Imitation of Instrumental Music: Abu's Hotser     Daniel Bergstein, Yehosua Dov Rubinstein, and Avraham Eckstein     3:29      
103     Amar Rabbi Akiva, Wa'amartem koh le-hay     Brizel     1:38                                                                                               
104     Turkish Tune     Yehosua Dov Rubinstein and Daniel Bergstein     2:25                                                                                     
105     Schaeffer's Niggun: Meron Dance Tune     Ha-hedva Band     3:01                                                                                           
106     Tune for Leading the Bridegroom     Michael and Elhanan Silber     2:41                                                                                   
107     Mazltov - Mazeltov     Binyamin Barzevshy, Yehuda Freiman, and Semuel Borenstein     3:22                                                                 
108     T'hies ha-meysim - Resurrection of the Dead, Brogez Tants     Moshe "Musa" Berlin and Avraham Segal     3:20                                             
201     Slow Hora: Instrumental Tune     Moshe "Musa" Berlin and Avraham Segal     3:05                                                                           
202     Yearning Tune of the Habbad Hassidim     Semuel Zalmenov     3:54                                                                                         
203     Jester's Tune for the Mitzvah Tants     Josef Greenwald     3:00                                                                                         
204     Rejoicing Tune to Lo Tevosi     Mendel Brichto     2:11                                                                                                   
205     Dance Tune     Michael and Elhanan Silber     1:39                                                                                                         
206     Waltz of the Modzhith Hassidim     Avraham Weingarten     1:00                                                                                             
207     Mitzvah tants: Mis-sod hakamim, Ya'amod (Jesting), Bore olam be-qinyan     Avraham Bord     1:58                                                           
208     Dance Tune     Avraham Segal, Moshe Berlin, and Binyamin Barzevsky     5:52                                                                            

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