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Music from Saramaka  A Dynamic Afro-American Tradition (1977)  CD

Music from Saramaka A Dynamic Afro-American Tradition (1977) CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways (Cook, or Paredon, or Monitor) archives. The original liner notes from the LP are included."

     101      Tree-Felling Songs: Matjáu baai      A Pikílío man      10:59     
     102     Adunké     Elderly woman     0:55    
     103     History in Song     A Saramakan elder     1:45    
     104     Bèntá: Apúku djómbo - The forest spirit jumps up     Pikílío Bèntá er     2:19    
     105     Bèntá: Djebikese kulé butá dí kándu - Djebikese runs to place the "protective charm"     Pikílío Bèntá er     2:33    
     106     Bèntá: Gádu tumáo - drumming for the forest spirits     Pikílío Bèntá er     2:11    
     107     Bèntá: Komantí tumáo - drumming for the komantí gods     Pikílío Bèntá er     1:10    
     201     Skti Songs: Two songs of despair     Female singer with chorus     2:00    
     202     Skti Songs: Song of Disaster, Love Song     Female singer with chorus     2:21    
     203     Skti Songs: Song of Quarrel     Female singer with chorus     1:24    
     204     Skti Songs: Song of Rejection     Male singer with chorus     1:19    
     205     Skti Songs: Song of Resignation     Same male singer with chorus     1:45    
     206     Skti Songs: Song for a Maiden     Same male singer with chorus     1:40    
     207     Skti Songs: Song about a Parrot     Ten-year-old boy     0:51    
     208     Skti Songs: Song of a Foreign Land     A singer     0:54    
     209     The Flight of the Hummingbird     Drummers     1:57    
     210     Skti drumming     Drummers     2:29    
     211     Drumming for Bandámmba     Drummers     1:19    
     212     Apínti: Talking drum     A drummer     4:22

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