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Italian Folk Music, Vol. 5  Naples, Campania (1972)  CD

Italian Folk Music, Vol. 5 Naples, Campania (1972) CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways (Cook, or Paredon, or Monitor) archivesThe original liner notes from the LP are included."

101     Tarantella from Capri: Amore ca ce Struje      A group of men and women accompanied by a municipal band and a chorus      3:40
102     Street Vendor of Water: L'tengh' all'aqui     Street vendors in Naples     1:20                                                 
103     Oilì, Oilà     Non-professional Neapolitan union group     3:09                                                                 
104     Jew's Harp from Positano     A porter in the village of Positano     1:27                                                       
105     Porters Song: Scarola Riccia, Sung by a Mulateer     A group of porters in the village of Positano     3:43                     
106     A Volta Paese     A Positano porter with friends     1:36                                                                       
107     La Pizzica (Tarantella)     North-African orchestra from Pagani     2:00                                                       
108     Ballinello (Tarantella)     accordion player in San Arsenio, Salerno     1:37                                                   
109     La Bella Caterina     Workers' chorus     2:19                                                                                 
110     Nonna Nonna (Lullaby)     Chiarina Pepe     1:27                                                                               
201     E Lo Ve' Lo Ve' Lo Ve'     A chorus of men in Caggiano     3:10                                                                 
202     Tu Scendi dalle Stelle (Pastoral)     Oboe and bagpipe players in Caggiano     6:03                                             
203     Lo Sargende     Montemariano di Avellino village chorus     1:59                                                               
204     Tarantella (Accordion, Tambourine & Castanets)     Salcatore Gambale and Giovanni Marino     2:06                               
205     Song of the Pilgrims to Monte Vergine     Mixed singers     2:11                                                               
206     Mulateer's Song     Raffaele Idla     1:47                                                                                     
207     Wedding Serenade     Men singing in Montecalvo     1:31                                                                         
208     Tu Rondinella (Love Song)     Three seventeen year old girls     2:08                                                           
209     Tarantella (Accordion & Clapping)     Recorded in Lettino, Caserta     1:25                                                     
210     Zesa Viola     Artisans performing a play     7:35                                                                            

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