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Music of Morocco CD

Music of Morocco CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways (Cook, or Paredon, or Monitor) archives. The original liner notes from the LP are included."

     101      Aissawa Dancers      Musicians and dancers at the 'Amara of Sidi Kassem      3:39     
     102     Gnawa Dancers     Gnawa performers in Marrakesh     5:28    
     103     Music of the Haha Tribe     Haha and Essaouira performers at the Aachor celebrations in Essaaouira     4:08    
     104     Toqtoqa Jabalia     Performers in a café in Tetuan     7:11    
     105     Haouzia Music     Men and women at a private party in Marrakesh     3:24    
     201     Ahouache from Tata     Twenty small girls and four women with drummers in the village Agadir Lehenne     5:48    
     202     Toqtoqa from Sidi Kassem     Musicians with boy dancers     5:12    
     203     Aissawa Procession     Aissawa musicians at the Moussem of Tamesloht     4:21    
     204     Ahouache Dyal Telatenouss     Male performers at the Moussem of Mouley Ibrahim     2:33    
     205     Ahouache Dyal Telatenouss, 2nd Selection     Male performers at the Moussem of Mouley Ibrahim     3:42

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