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Ritual Music of Ethiopia CD

Ritual Music of Ethiopia CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways (Cook, or Paredon, or Monitor) archives. The original liner notes from the LP are included."

     101      Kammba Drum Solo (Wallano tribe) / Woyisha cow horn (Wallano tribe)      Malko Bokie      2:16     
     102     Lembola (Hanafa tribe)     Male Hanafa singers     1:42    
     103     Borquekka, Ox Song (Gernu tribe) / Ox song and chant (Gernu tribe)     Gernu tribesman of Arba Minch     3:16    
     104     Washint Instrumental     Three musicians of the Tigre tribe     4:13    
     105     Gojjam Endenesh (Where There Is Plenty of Honey)(Tigre tribe)     Traditional Tigre folk song     4:15    
     106     Introduction of Man to Woman (Adjuran tribe)     Adjuran tribesmen     5:25    
     107     Giddle Instruments: "Hanata" (Horn) / Filla (Flute) / Mira (Pipes of Pan) / Filla (Flute) / Iolata (Horn)     Gidole musicians     4:34    
     108     Giddle Instrumental (Giddle tribe)     Thirty-six Gidole flutists     2:56    
     109     Sabbath Service (Falashim tribe)     Falshim people of Ambover     3:33    
     110     Hermana (Bringing the Cattle to the Water)(Borana tribe)     Women of the Borana     2:58    
     111     Siyawe (Wedding Song)(Burgi tribe)     Music of the Burgi Tribe     3:48    
     112     Guretta (Greeting Song)     Music of the Konso people     3:48    

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