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Traditional Folk Dances of Japan (1959)  CD

Traditional Folk Dances of Japan (1959) CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways archives. The original liner notes from the LP are included."

This field recording by Mary L. Evans represents a wide variety of traditional Japanese dances with ranging subject matters such as draught, war, famine etc. The recording captures both the music and the noises made by the dancers (grunts, chants, feet stomping) which adds additional energy and depth to the music and draws the listener in further. The liner notes include detailed explanations by Evans of the song meaning and history, as well as information about the dance performances themselves. With photographs and select lyrics (translated into English)

1. Kasa Odori     Young men     3:31    
2. Sumiyoshi Odori     People of Sumiyoshi     2:08    
3. Mugiya-Bushi Odori     Five to seven boys and girls     4:20    
4. Memburyu     Forty or Fifty male dancers     3:42    
5. Sado Okesa     Japanese dancers, musicians     2:42    
6. Iwasaki Oni Kembai     Six to eight dancers with music played by three flutes, one drum and one bell     4:16    
7. Awa Odori     People of all ages     6:26    
8. Okubo Odori     Dancers accompanied by one big drum     1:45    
9. Gujo Odori     Japanese dancers, musicians     3:05    
10. Morioka Stag Dance     Male dancers accompanied by bamboo flutes, samisen, drums and small gongs     3:06

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