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Modern Mayan  Indian Music of Chiapas, Mexico, Vol. 1 (1975)  CD

Modern Mayan Indian Music of Chiapas, Mexico, Vol. 1 (1975) CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways (Cook, or Paredon, or Monitor) archives. The original liner notes from the LP are included."

     101      Todos Santos, Chamula      Chamula guitarists, young Chamula woman      1:46     
     102     Trumpet Choir, Carranza     Carranza trumpet choir with three trumpets, large and small drum     2:46    
     103     String Quartet, Carranza     Carranza string quartet with two guitars, violin, and harp     3:56    
     104     String Trio and Vocal, Zinnacantan     Zinnacantan string trio, three singers     8:28    
     105     Tiger Stone Song, Zinnacantan     Zinnacantan guitarist, violinist, drummers     0:43    
     106     Song of Peace, Chalchiuitan     Chalchiuitan violinist, guitarist, singers     1:54    
     107     New Years Prayer, Chalchiuitan     Two Chalchiuitan men praying     1:44    
     108     Drums and Flute, Huistan     Three Huistan drummers, flutist     3:06    
     201     Ladies Dance, Tenejapa     Tenejapa violinist, bass guitarist     4:08    
     202     Catarina Sone, Majosic / Bull Dance, Majosic     Majosic musicians, drummers, singers     2:36    
     203     Kosh, Kosh Avakan Kanan Chi, Tenango     Tenango guitarist, violinist, singers     3:56    
     204     Flute and Drum, Tenango     Guacitepec flutist, drummer, mandolin er, guitarist     2:53    
     205     Majestic, Petalcingo     Two Petalcingo guitarists, violinist     3:24    
     206     Good Friday Service, Tila / Carneval, Tila     Two Chol drummers, flutist     3:30    
     207     Señor de Tila, Tila     Two Chol guitarists, violinist     2:22

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