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Music of the Kpelle of Liberia CD

Music of the Kpelle of Liberia CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways (Cook, or Paredon, or Monitor) archives. The original liner notes from the LP are included."

     101      Entertainment Love Song      Wokpe, Ponaweni, Kao, Saki, mixed chorus      4:23     
     102     Framed Zither Solo     Flumo of Totota     3:42    
     103     Topical Song of the Medicine Men's Meeting     Lopuu, Zonkâi ensemble     5:23    
     104     Poro Entertainment Song     Young Poro member ing the gbegbetele, fellow male initiates     2:36    
     105     Horn and Drum Ensemble     Four horn ers, two drummers     4:14    
     106     Children's Counting Song     Young female soloist, children from Totota, Bong Country     1:13    
     201     Musical Dramatic Folktale     Otto Giddings of Sanoyea, mixed chorus     5:49    
     202     Rice Planting Song     Sia-weli, women of a rice planting co-operative in Gborola     1:31    
     203     Musical Bow Solo     Jokoli of Totota     1:00    
     204     Gbelee Entertainment Song     Jokoli of Totota     1:08    
     205     Bush Clearing Song     Tokpa of Yanekwele, workers of a bush clearing co-operative, drummers     3:03    
     206     Xylophone Duet     Peter Giddings, Adam Kwana of Fokwele     3:06    
     207     Entertainment Love Song     Gamai from Stewart's Rubber Farm near Totota, chorus, drummers     1:35    
     208     Entertainment Song     Two performers from Kakata     3:43

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