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Romanian Songs and Dances (1958)  CD

Romanian Songs and Dances (1958) CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways (Cook, or Paredon, or Monitor) archives. The original liner notes from the LP are included."

     101      Songs and Tunes: New Year's Carol      Ilie Cazacu, Capra dancer, band from Fundul Moldovei      0:58     
     102     Songs and Tunes: Bocet     Thirty-four-year-old Elisabeta Pavel of Girisu Negru, Crisana     1:21    
     103     Songs and Tunes: Wedding Song     Master-of-ceremonies, wedding guests from Lapugiu de Jos, Padureni     2:15    
     104     Songs and Tunes: Shepherd's Song     Nineteen-year-old Iosana Bud from Vidra de Mijloc, Huedin     0:59    
     105     Songs and Tunes: The Lost and Found Flock     Village priest Neculae Tafta from Negrilesti, Vrancea     2:25    
     106     Songs and Tunes: Doina from Oas     Fifty-three-year-old Maria Sas from Negrilesti     1:28    
     107     Songs and Tunes: Leaf Doina     Twenty-nine-year-old Florica Mîzgoi from Batrîni, Muntenia     1:28    
     108     Songs and Tunes: Doina from Gorj     Maria Lataretu, Barbu Lautaru folk orchestra of Bucharest     2:28    
     109     Songs and Tunes: Ballad of Iovan Iorgovan     Thirty-nine-year-old Mihai Constantin, Stan Gruia     2:40    
     110     Songs and Tunes: Hey, My Proud One     Eighteen-year-old Maria Taut from Leordina, Maramures     2:06    
     111     Songs and Tunes: Go My Longing     Magdalena Biriescu, Ion Luca Banateanu, west Rumanian folk band     3:08    
     112     Songs and Tunes: Give Me Your Eyes     Florica Mîzgoi from Batrîni, Muntenia     1:20    
     201     Jocs and Dances: Slanicul     Marin Toma from Victoria, Galati     1:09    
     202     Jocs and Dances: Braul     Seventy-two-year-old Ion Petecila of Batrîni, Teleajen     1:04    
     203     Jocs and Dances: Ungureasca     Gica Nitoi, Ion Nitoi, and Ion Doroghean of Bughea de Sus, Pitesi     1:19    
     204     Jocs and Dances: Joc from Oas     Seventeen-year-old Stefan Olar and fourteen-year-old Petre Huta of Huta Certeze     2:08    
     205     Jocs and Dances: Ardeleana     Dancers, thirty-nine-year-old Moise Zepa of Dobîca, Hunedoara     1:21    
     206     Jocs and Dances: Arcanul     Band from Fundul Moldovel     1:31    
     207     Jocs and Dances: Braul     Forty-three-year-old Iosif Milu, Folk Orchestra of the Rumanian Radio     2:19    
     208     Jocs and Dances: Oltenian Dances     Giulesti Ensemble, professional folk musicians of Bucarest     4:59    
     209     Jocs and Dances: Joc from Oas     Professional folk musicians of Bucarest     5:21

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