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Music of Haiti, Vol. 1  Folk Music of Haiti (1951)  CD

Music of Haiti, Vol. 1 Folk Music of Haiti (1951) CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways (Cook, or Paredon, or Monitor) archives. The original liner notes from the LP are included."

     101      Pilet Pied'm: Ibo Dance Song      Morgina Lavache      1:32     
     102     M'Pas Bwè M'Pas Mangé: Work Song     Libera Borderau and Ti Yogan     1:31    
     103     Ogoun Balindjo: Invocation     LaFrance Belvue     1:28    
     104     Èzilie Wèdo: Invocation     LaFrance Belvue     1:18    
     105     La Famille Li Fai Ca: Ibo Dance Song     Lena Hibbert     1:47    
     106     Moundongue Oh Yè Yè Yè: Moundongue Dance Song     LaFrance Belvue     1:51    
     107     Zamis Loin Moin: Secular Song     Dimervil Servers     1:04    
     108     Alexis Nord: Political Song     Dimervil Servers     0:46    
     109     Ou Pas We'm Innocent: Secular Song     Aleanne Francois     1:00    
     201     Mainin'm Allé: Congo Dance Song     Ti Yogan and Morgina Lavache     1:48    
     202     Coté Yo, Coté Yo: Mais Dance Song     Libera Borderau     1:07    
     203     Crapeau Tingélé:  Song     Libera Borderau and Ti Yogan     0:46    
     204     Balancé Yaya:  Song     Edgar Derosier     1:30    
     205     Trois Fé: Social Criticism     Christophe Oxilas     1:09    
     206     Spirit Conversation     Cult priest with bell, spectators     2:01    
     207     Général Brisé: Quitta Dance Song     LaFrance Belvue     1:47    
     208     Mayousse: Carnival Song     Male singers with marimba     1:53    
     209     Paulette: Romantic Song     Sigbrien Bellis and Veneise Macelise     1:54

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