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Folk Music of Palestine (1951)  CD

Folk Music of Palestine (1951) CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways (Cook, or Paredon, or Monitor) archives.The original liner notes from the LP are included."

101     Gulait Dore      Two female Bokharian singers, three doyra players      1:17                                       
102     Al Matcha Anora     Mixed Bokharian singers, doyra players     2:01                                                
103     Tulkum Song of Sandy Hills     Male Bokharian singer, tar and doyra players     2:48                                
104     Raftam Rayi     Female Bokharian singer     1:35                                                                  
105     Taki Chasma     Female Bokharian singer     0:35                                                                  
106     Recitation from Firdausi's Shaname     Two male Iranian singers     1:36                                            
107     Ve Eem Lo Akshav     Male and female Hebrew singers     1:17                                                        
108     Aharei Mot     Male vocalist     1:32                                                                              
201     Kedusha     Male Hebrew vocalist     1:10                                                                          
202     Kether     Male Hebrew vocalist, congregation     1:44                                                              
203     Song of Moses (Exodus XIV, 30)     Male Hebrew Yemenite vocalist     0:55                                          
204     Cerimonial Song     Male Hebrew Yemenite singers, drummer     2:20                                                
205     Prophet's Birthday Song Light of the Redeemed Noor Al Muffadah Lah     Male soloist and chorus     1:30            
206     Song of the Ramadan for the Month of Fasting     Male soloist, female chorus, 'ud and durbakki players     1:22    
207     Recitation from the Koran     Male vocalist     1:02                                                              
208     Love Song     Male singer, violinist, 'ud, durbakki, and kanoun players     1:49                                  

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