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The Eskimos of Hudson Bay and Alaska (1954)  CD

The Eskimos of Hudson Bay and Alaska (1954) CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways archives.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

1. Johnnie Bull Song     Polly, Atitah, Mikusha, and Billy Boy     3:07    
2. His first hunt     Kemukserar and Pangatkar     2:08    
3. All songs have been exhausted     Naitok and Issaluk     2:55    
4. Hunting for musk ox     Kemukserar and Pangatkar     3:34    
5. Hunting seals     Kemukserar and Pangatkar     3:06    
6. I sing about a dance     Uluyok and Tutinar     2:40    
7. Before we came to this religion     Eevaloo     1:59    
8. Girls' game     Angutnak and Matee     2:51    
9. Children's game     Kasugat and Ishmatuk     1:50    
10. Bird imitations     Harry Gibbons     0:27    
11. Imitations of walrus     Harry Gibbons     2:55    
12. Animal stories     Kemukserar and Pangatkar     3:18    
13. Hunting song     Ashivoo     2:51    
14. Dance songs: I am lonesome; When I feel like singing, I sing; I am waiting for the boat to come; Jumping Skin song; I will show you the way; It was a very lovely day when the water was calm     Joe Sikvayunak     4:29    
15. Story songs: Boy resting by the river; Nooneedle bird; Man who was not a good hunter     Otis Ahkivigak     1:46    
16. Dance song     Joe Sikvayunak, Otis Ahkivigak and Jonas Oyoowak     1:01    
17. Inviting-in dance song     Otis Ahkivigak     0:49    
18. Dance song     Leo Kaleak and Group     1:05    
19. Dance song     Otis Ahkivigak     1:31

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