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African and Afro-American Drums (1954)  CD

African and Afro-American Drums (1954) CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways archives. The original liner notes from the LP are included."

1. Ceremonial Drums
2. Ceremonial Drums
3. Dance Drums
4. Stamping Tubes
5. Harvest Festival
6. Salute to a Chief
7. Drums for the Deity Orishania
8. Dance Drums
9. Slit-Log Talking Drum
10. Ndlamu Dance Drums
11. Festival Drumming
12. Djuka Dance Drums
13. Jumping Dance Drums
14. Djuka Dance Drums
15. Lucumi
16. Quitta Seche Dance Drums
17. Juba Dance Drumming
18. Cuminia Drums
19. Drum Rhythms for the Deity Eshu
20. Drum Rhythms for the Deity Ogoun
21. Bamboula Dance Drums
22. Djuka Drums
23. Jazz Drumming
24. Street Band Drumming

African and Afro-American Drums is an examination of African drumming and its influence on the music of the Americas. Representing eight countries in the American continents, Harold Courlander has compiled an anthology of drum music from three continents and explores its various uses as well as chronicles the evolution of drum music. Extensive liner notes accompany this album and include a transcription of Haitian Juba Dance drums by George Herzog

Country(s) Bahamas; Brazil; Congo (Democratic Republic); Cuba; Haiti; Jamaica; Nigeria; Rwanda; South Africa; Suriname; United States; Virgin Islands of the United States Culture Group(s) African American; Yoruba; Tutsi; Mbala; Djuka; Lucumi; Mahafaly; Zingili Keyword(s) Folk songs--United States; World music anthologies Instrument(s) Assotor; Bambula (Drum); Bata (Drum); Drum set; Drum; Dundun (Drum); Slit-gong; Stamping tube


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