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Children's Songs and Games from the Southern Mountains CD

Children's Songs and Games from the Southern Mountains CD

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Jean Ritchie is a national treasure, one of America's finest and best known singers of traditional American folksongs. She grew up in Viper, Kentucky, and is part of a large family, the famous “Singing Ritchies of Kentucky.”

Ritchie noted that this recording could have been subtitled, “Schoolyard Songs and Games Recollected from My Childhood in Viper, Kentucky.” It was her first recording devoted exclusively to children’s songs. She accompanies herself on the guitar and Appalachian dulcimer, the latter being the instrument for which she is best known. Jean followed this 1957 recording with a second recording of children's songs for Folkways 11 years later (Marching Across The Green Grass and Other American Children's Game Songs—FW07702).

The liner notes are written by preeminent folklorist Kenneth Goldstein, who provides background information, instructions for playing each game, and each song's lyrics. The cover photo and design are by Jean's husband, George Pickow.

Track Listing:

101 Jenny, Put The Kettle On Jean Ritchie 0:23
102 Go in and Out the Window Jean Ritchie 0:58
103 The Old Soup Gourd Jean Ritchie 1:11
104 Among the Little White Daisies Jean Ritchie 1:30
105 Sally Goodin Jean Ritchie 0:31
106 Fiddle-I-Fee Jean Ritchie 2:04
107 Old Bald Eagle Kettle On Jean Ritchie 1:04
108 Two Dukes A-Riding Jean Ritchie 1:34
109 Kitty Alone Jean Ritchie 2:22
201 Love Somebody, yes I Do Jean Ritchie 0:42
202 The Swapping Song Jean Ritchie 2:23
203 Old King Cole Jean Ritchie 1:10
204 The Old Man In The Woods Jean Ritchie 2:18
205 Old Shoe Boots Jean Ritchie 1:20
206 Sourwood Mountain Jean Ritchie 1:22
207 Green Gravels Jean Ritchie 0:20
208 Mammy Had an Old Goose Jean Ritchie 1:18
209 Who Killed Cock Robin? Jean Ritchie 1:47

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