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The Songs of Camp

The Songs of Camp

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Ed Badeaux, song leader and stringed instrument instructor at Camp Killooleet in Hancock, Vermont, recorded these summer camp songs on site in 1958. Counselors and groups of counselors performed, while the campers themselves provided the unabashed enthusiasm and informality that typify summer camp singing. Badeaux’s banjo and guitar (and Bob Stein's guitar) further enhanced the musicality of the renditions. The 18 songs in this collection are a mix of traditional camp and well-known popular and folk songs, including spirituals. Liner notes provide background information about camp songs, the recording, and the song lyrics.

Ed Badeaux also recorded Sounds of Camp: A Documentary Study of a Children's Camp for Folkways Records (FW05555).

101 Sipping Cider Ed Badeaux 2:30
102 Crawdad Song Ed Badeaux 2:14
103 Bay of Mexico Ed Badeaux 2:23
104 Summer's Almost Gone Ed Badeaux 1:55
105 Counselor Wrestle Blues Ed Badeaux 2:01
106 Hill was Steep and Tall Ed Badeaux 2:10
107 Ship Titanic Ed Badeaux 2:06
108 You Can't Get to Heaven Ed Badeaux 3:34
109 Passing Through Ed Badeaux 3:10
201 Go Tell it on the Mountain Ed Badeaux 1:47
202 Ain't That A' Rockin All Night Ed Badeaux 1:30
203 The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy Ed Badeaux 2:24
204 The Hole in the Ground Ed Badeaux 3:20
205 Brandy, Leave Me Alone Ed Badeaux 2:08
206 Pretty Little Miss Ed Badeaux 1:03
207 Apples, Peaches, And Cherries Ed Badeaux 2:30
208 Wimoweh Ed Badeaux 1:53
209 Cool Water Ed Badeaux 3:27

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