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Children's Activities to Music Doris Jones CD

Children's Activities to Music Doris Jones CD

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This recording by music teacher Doris Jones is designed to provide assistance to teachers and to engage young children (kindergarten through third grade) in music and movement. The collection includes a series of activities that begin and end with a march (“Kindergarten March”) and involve the children galloping like a pony, hopping like a rabbit, walking like an elephant, and flying like a plane. None of the activities, except one, extend beyond two minutes.

101 Kindergarten March Doris Jones 2:12
102 Galloping Ponies Doris Jones 0:56
103 Hop on One Foot Doris Jones 0:27
104 Bunny Hop Doris Jones 0:26
105 Elephant Walk Doris Jones 1:38
106 Skip with Me Doris Jones 0:42
107 Tippy Toes Doris Jones 1:33
201 Like a Bird Doris Jones 1:17
202 Walk on Sides of Feet Doris Jones 1:19
203 An Airoplane Doris Jones 1:06
204 Choo Choo Train Doris Jones 1:50
205 Run, Run, Run / Kindergarten March Doris Jones 1:55

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