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Dance Along CD

Dance Along CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways (archives. The original liner notes from the LP are included."

This collection of music, complete with notes and drawings, encourages both children and adults alike to simply dance, because, in Majorie Mazia’s own words, "we believe that the expression of thoughts, feelings and energy through movement can bring us a special kind of pleasure and make our lives just that much richer."

101 Rhythmic Exercises - 4/4 Rhythm Marjorie Mazia 4:47
102 Rhythm Game - Percussion Marjorie Mazia 2:23
103 Rhythmic Exercises - 6/8 Rhythm Marjorie Mazia 2:53
104 The Circus Marjorie Mazia 4:38
201 Out West Marjorie Mazia 4:45
202 Fun and Frolic Marjorie Mazia 3:47
203 Waltz Marjorie Mazia 1:33
204 Polka Marjorie Mazia 1:11
205 Mazurka Marjorie Mazia 1:03
206 Schottische Marjorie Mazia 1:24

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