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Children's Songs and Stories CD

Children's Songs and Stories CD

  • $1699

A dappled horse says, "People have the oddest habit. They take their shoes off when they go to bed. Isn’t that silly?" How does a teakettle arrange a stage debut at a real concert hall...for singing? Ed McCurdy tells you, in his collection of songs, children’s stories and poems.

Track Listing:

101 People and Horses Ed McCurdy 3:02
102 If I Were a Duck Ed McCurdy 0:58
103 The Little Snail Ed McCurdy 1:03
104 The Clock That Told the Wrong Time Ed McCurdy 5:23
105 Once There was a Woodpecker Ed McCurdy 2:05
106 The Scarecrow Ed McCurdy 7:28
201 Once There was a Little Girl Ed McCurdy 0:42
202 Freddie was a Fine Young Man Ed McCurdy 0:56
203 The Teakettle Who Wanted toSink like People Ed McCurdy 4:44
204 The Very Green Fields of Ireland Ed McCurdy 1:31
205 I Had a Little Dog Ed McCurdy 1:30
206 The Young Violet Ed McCurdy 4:40
207 Crocodile Song Ed McCurdy 3:03
208 The Echo That Got Lost Ed McCurdy 3:05

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