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The English Concertina (1976)  Richard Carlin CD

The English Concertina (1976) Richard Carlin CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways (Cook, or Paredon, or Monitor) archives. Each CD-R is custom-made for each order. It usually takes ten (10) days to two (2) weeks to ship, but at holiday times can take up to three to four weeks. In some cases, we can expedite an order with a special request. The original liner notes from the LP are included."

1. The Flight of the Bumblebees/ Forgotten Dreams (medley)     The Fayre Four Sisters     3:38
2. Cavalleria Rusticana     Wilfred Pearce and Reuben Shaw     3:17
3. The History of the Crabb Concertina Firm     Harry Crabb     3:22    
4. Czardas     Gregory Matusewitch     3:19    
5. Santa Anna's Retreat / Greasy Coat (medley)     Richard Carlin     2:20    
6. Russian Fantasy     The Fayre Four Sisters     3:06    
7. Grieg's Morning     The Fayre Four Sisters     4:07    
8. Chrysanthemum     The Boris Matusewitch Quartet     3:38    
9. Waltz Impromptu     Alfred Edwards     3:03    
10. Haste to the Wedding / Smash the Windows (medley)     Harry Minting and Richard Carlin     2:25
11. Speak Easy     The Fayre Four Sisters     2:35
12. Raggin' the Scales     The Fayre Four Sisters     2:22

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