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Alhaji Garbo Leo and his Goge Music CD

Alhaji Garbo Leo and his Goge Music CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways archives. The original liner notes from the LP are included."

1. Kida Rawa - Dance Music: Instrumental Improvisation of the Type Used for Dance Performances - 20:30
2. Wurin Allah Muki Nema (We Want to Be with God) - 5:56
3. Alhaji Inuwa Mai Main Gyada A Kano - Praise Song to Alh. Inuwa, a Seller of Groundnut Oil at Kano - 5:00
4. Sarkin Mallamai Garba Kaita - Praise Song to a Chief Mallam (Teacher) - 4:04
5. Alhaji Bella Gogo Katsina - Praise Song to the Person Named - 4:42
6. Ali Mai Sai Da Mai Shell-BP - Praise Song to Ali, a Petrol Seller - 5:55


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