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Creative Writing CD

Creative Writing CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways archives. he original liner notes from the LP are included."

One of several albums in the Understanding and Appreciation of Literature Series, Creative Writing answers the questions, where does creative writing come from?, what are its limitations?, and where can one draw ideas from? Authored by Morris Schreiber, and played by the University Players, this engaging script is transcribed in the liner notes for easy reference.

101 Introduction- Self Expression Through Writing Morris Schreiber 5:47
102 Sources of Ideas Morris Schreiber 8:16
103 Methods of Developing Your Ideas Morris Schreiber 9:46
104 Autobiographical Narrative Morris Schreiber 4:34
201 Selecting and Arranging Material Morris Schreiber 7:13
202 Finding the Inspiration Morris Schreiber 8:32
203 Format for Writing- Literary Types and Media Morris Schreiber 3:03
204 The Art of Writing- Literary Style and Technique Morris Schreiber 6:00

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