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Charles Olson Reads from Maximus Poems IV, V, VI CD

Charles Olson Reads from Maximus Poems IV, V, VI CD

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The poems by Charles Olson on this collection—recorded by author Barry Miles—remained unrecorded until 1975, when they were released on Folkways Records. Over the course of two nights, Olson, a former Black Mountain College professor, reads from his then-recently published “Maximus Poems IV, V, VI.” According to Miles’ liner notes, “This is the only recording ‘for posterity’ that Charles ever made. Other tapes exist, fortunately, but they are often marred by drink or the vicissitudes of trying to record live readings. This is Charles reading his poems as he saw them read.” Olson died roughly a year after the recording in 1970. Liner notes by Miles include a brief Olson bio and notes on the recording.

101 I Am the Gold Machine (with Intro.) Charles Olson 1:55
102 All My Life I've Heard about Many / Piggy Back Poem Charles Olson 0:54
103 Maximus, from Dogtown II (with Intro.) Charles Olson 4:22
104 Sequentior Charles Olson 0:40
105 Now Called Gravel Hill Charles Olson 5:51
106 Between Cruiser and Plato Charles Olson 0:24
107 Going Right Out of the Centuary Charles Olson 0:36
108 After the Storm Was Over Charles Olson 0:38
109 To Travel Typhon / Up the Steps / People Want Delivery / The Coast / Tesserae Commissure / Older Than Blybos / Chronicles I / Chronicles II Charles Olson 3:41
110 Untitled Maximus Poem / Vida Upanishad Eda Than / Kent Circle (Wrote My First Poems) / Further Completion of Plot / Maximus Poem - July 24, 1968 Charles Olson 9:07
111 Into the Stream, Gloucester / The Frontlet / To Enter Into Their Bodies Charles Olson 2:13
112 Her Stern Like a Box / Anacoluthic and Drag Charles Olson 0:30
113 The Difference / The Cormorant and Spindle / Absoluteness Charles Olson 0:24
114 Harbour / Kent Circle / Swung / J.W. Charles Olson 1:37
115 Not the Intaglio Method Charles Olson 0:18
201 Mayan Letter No. 13 (with Intro.) from "Mayan Letters" Charles Olson 9:11
202 Mayan Letter No. 7 (with Intro.) from "Mayan Letters" Charles Olson 1:40
203 Mayan Letter No. 5 (with Intro.) from "Mayan Letters" Charles Olson 8:08
204 Chockablock (Maximus Letter No. Whatever) Charles Olson 2:19
205 Caches Charles Olson 2:11
206 Bohlan I and II Charles Olson 1:23
207 John Watts / 3rd Letter on Georges, Unwritten / The Gulf of Maine Charles Olson 5:14

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