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Asch Recordings 1939-47, Vol. 1-Blues, Gospel and Jazz (1965)  CD

Asch Recordings 1939-47, Vol. 1-Blues, Gospel and Jazz (1965) CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways archives.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

From the Moses Asch archives comes a pair of early blues, gospel and jazz compilations. Lead Belly, celebrated albeit volatile American folk and blues singer / guitarist, graces this first volume with Defense Blues and Keep Your Hands off Her, but youll also find powerful performances in the Josh Whites bluesy Careless Love, the stacked harmony of The Thrasher Wonders and Sister Ernestine Washingtons plaintive query Does Jesus Care? over backing by Bunk Johnsons Jazz Band. Volume One continues on FW00AA2.  Disc Two is a continuation of Volume 1 (FW00AA1), this archival recording moves into the realm of big band jazz, showing off heavyweights like Muggsy Spanier, Pee Wee Russell, Mary Lou Williams and Art Tatum.


Disc One
1. National Defense Blues     Lead Belly     3:03    
2. Keep Your Hands Off Her     Lead Belly     2:55    
3. Too Evil To Cry     Champion Jack Dupree     3:40    
4. Careless Love     Josh White     3:22    
5. Drifting Along Blues     Lonnie Johnson     2:59    
6. Pawnshop Blues     Brownie McGhee     3:03    
7. Lonesome Train     Sonny Terry     3:34    
8. Precious Lord     The Gospel Keys     3:13    
9. You've Got to Move     The Gospel Keys     2:48    
10. Moses Smote the Waters     The Thrasher Wonders     2:02    
11. Does Jesus Care?     Sister Ernestine with Bunk Johnson's Jazz Band     2:48    
12. Where Could I Go But To the Lord?     Sister Ernestine Washington with Bunk Johnson     2:56

Disc Two
1. You're Driving Me Crazy     Muggsy Spanier     2:36    
2. I'd Climb the Highest Mountain     Pee Wee Russell     3:02    
3. Take Me To the Land of Jazz     Pee Wee Russell     2:29    
4. Harlem Hotcha     Omer Simeon Trio     2:52    
5. Hesitation Blues     James P. Johnson     3:09    
6. Sister Kate     Joe Sullivan and Sidney Bechet     2:44    
7. Topsy     Art Tatum     4:12    
8. Leave My Love Alone     Coleman Hawkins     2:37    
9. Desert Sands     Stuff Smith     2:45    
10. Roll 'Em     Mary Lou Williams     2:49    
11. Jazz at the Philharmonic - Blues, Part 3     Jazz at the Philharmonic (Les Paul, guitar)     3:44

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