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The Real Calypso 1927-1946 (1966)  CD

The Real Calypso 1927-1946 (1966) CD

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"This item is part of the Folkways archives.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

This compilation is an introduction to the golden age of calypso and to some of its greatest exponents. The genre is known for its incisive social commentary, and the songs on this album retain the spirit and irreverence of calypso at home in Trinidad and Tobago.

1. Edward the VIII (Love Alone)     Caresser     3:10
2. Bing Crosby     Roaring Lion     2:56
3. Louis-Schmeling Fight     Atilla the Hun and Roaring Lion     2:31
4. G-Man Hoover     Sir Lancelot with Gerald Clark & the Calypso Orchestra     3:11
5. War     Executor, Caresser, Atilla the Hun, and Roaring Lion     3:10
6. Five Year Plan     Atilla the Hun     3:08
7. Yankee Dollar     Lord Invader     2:32
8. Four Mills Brothers     Roaring Lion     2:49
9. Money is King     The Growling Tiger     3:00
10. Always Marry a Pretty Woman     Lord Beginner     2:24
11.  New York Subway     Lord Invader     2:26
12. Three Friends Advice     Executor     3:05
13. Let Go My Hand     Sam Manning     2:52
14. Miss Bombilla Brown     Atilla the Hun     2:42

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