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New Orleans Jazz  The 20's (1964)  Original Tuxedo Brass Band, Sam Morgan, others 2 CD Set

New Orleans Jazz The 20's (1964) Original Tuxedo Brass Band, Sam Morgan, others 2 CD Set

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"This item is part of the Folkways archives.  The original liner notes from the LP are included."

Common wisdom holds that the best musicians left New Orleans after the closing of its red light district in 1917. This compilation, however, proves that many talented jazz musicians both black and white remained in the Big Easy. Of particular interest on this collection are the rare and "exultantly vigorous and creative" recordings of New Orleans black musicians.

Disc 1
1. Black Rag     The Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra     2:36
2. Red Man Blues     Piron's New Orleans Orchestra     3:09
3. Bouncing Around     Piron's New Orleans Orchestra     2:42
4. Kiss Me Sweet     Piron's New Orleans Orchestra     2:37
5. Everybody Loves Somebody     New Orleans Rhythm Kings (1922-1925)     2:51
6. Dirty Rag     Orchestra of New Orleans     3:07
7. Waffle Man's Call     Jazzola Eight     2:58
8. Franklin Street Blues     Louis Dumaine's Jazzola Eight     3:15
9. To-Wa-Bac-A-Wa     Louis Dumaine's Jazzola Eight     3:19
10. Short Dress Gal     Sam Morgan's Jazz Band     3:06
11. Study War No More (Down By the Riverside)     Sam Morgan's Jazz Band     3:07
12. Mobile Stomp     Sam Morgan's Jazz Band     2:56
13. Frankie and Johnny     Fate Marable's Society Syncopators     2:47
14. My Heartbreakin' Gal     Billy Mack and Punch Miller     3:00

Disc 2
1. New Orleans Blues     The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra     3:15
2. Let Me Call You Sweetheart     The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra     2:53
3. Maple Leaf Rag     The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra     2:50
4. Creole Blues     The Famous Melody Boys     2:56
5. San Sue Strut     The Arcadian Serenaders     2:48
6. Meat on the Table     The New Orleans Owls     2:55
7. Picadilly     The New Orleans Owls     3:11
8. I'm Satisfied You Love Me     The Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra     3:13
9. It's Jam Up     The Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra     3:14
10. Alligator Blues     John Hyman's Bayou Stompers     3:00
11. Panama     The New Orleans Frolickers     3:07
12. Sizzling the Blues     The Bienville Roof Orchestra     2:45
13. Damp Weather     The Astoria Hot Eight     3:21
14. Duet Stomp     The Astoria Hot Eight     2:53

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